Est. 1946
James Callander & Son (in Administration) - Sawmilling & Timber Harvesting

Forestry and raw materials purchasing

Sustainable Timber Sources


All our sawn timber comes from sustainable Scottish grown softwood, principally Sitka and Norway Spruce.

We ensure that all our supplies are managed to the standards of the UK Woodland Assurance Scheme and are purchased from both the Forestry Commission and Privately owned woodland. 


Responsibility and FSC® Certification


To ensure this and to provide our customers with this assurance, all our timber products are supplied as Forest Stewardship Council® certified, which is the largest internationally recognised independent Forest Certification body.


All product claims are independently verified by BM TRADA Certification on an annual basis.


Consequently all our customers can be satisfied that their supplies come with full traceability ensuring that all our timber products are European Union Timber Regulation compliant and derive from reliable and environmentally sound sources. We believe that in today’s market, sound environmental credentials are essential and being able to offer true responsibility will enable our customers to meet established client demand for such product assurance.


Timber Harvesting


We provide our suppliers with three selling options to suit their own requirements.


  1. Delivered: We will purchase round logs to our specification delivered to our state of the art log yard at Devilla through flexible supply and price arrangements.
  2. Standing: We can purchase standing timber directly from the grower, offering flexible time scales, payment methods and contractual arrangements to suit both parties.
  3. Roadside: If the grower prefers to organise his own harvesting we will purchase logs stacked at roadside, organising haulage and dispatch.


Purchasing timber standing enables both ourselves and growers, not wishing to undertake the increasingly complex and hazardous task of timber harvesting, greater flexibility. Because we purchase standing timber to secure our log supplies, as a grower you can be assured that we will maximise production of the most valuable part of the tree (the sawlogs) and therefore maximise the returns.

We use skilled contractors to undertake our harvesting programmes, all of whom have worked in partnership with ourselves for many years. As a result we have developed a flexible harvesting service primarily directed at the larger producers.


The reliability, professionalism and technical ability of our contractors and James Callander & Son is demonstrated by the fact that we hold the most successful and longest standing contract for steep ground working with Forest Enterprise Scotland. Over the last 15 years we have harvested over 350,000 tonnes of timber from steep and difficult ground mainly from within the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park. 


If you are looking to sell  round timber either in cut form or as a standing crop and looking for good advice, professional expertise and an excellent price then e mail our Forestry Director, Phil Higginbotham on