Est. 1946
James Callander & Son (in Administration) - Sawmilling & Timber Harvesting

Environmental Policy


This policy establishes and communicates the Company's policy concerning the protection of the environment with respect to the Company's business activities and operations. One of our principal means of achieving this is by producing timber certified under the FSC® scheme.


  1. The Company will comply with all applicable Laws and relevant industry standards of practice concerning protection of health and safety of its employees in the workplace and other persons affected by its business activities and the protection of the environment, Protection of the environment is a primary goal of the Company and the management of the Company shall take such actions as are reasonable and necessary to achieve such goal and carrying out this policy.
  2. All employees of the Company will conduct their duties and responsibilities in a manner which is compatible with achieving these goals and carrying out this policy.
  3. The Company will work with its employees, clients, contractors, suppliers and customers and with the communities in which it operates in order to achieve these goals and carry out these policies.


  1. This Policy shall be implemented by the Company under the oversight of the Company Directors.
  2. The Company shall maintain a self-assessment and evaluation process sufficient to provide management of the Company with reports and other information concerning the Company's compliance with this policy.
  3. The Managing Director shall oversee the administration of this Company Policy and shall take such steps as he shall deem appropriate to carry out such policy and achieve its goals.

Precentage based labelling

FSC® timber from James Callander carries a percentage-based label. This means that a minimum of 70% of the wood is from FSC® endorsed forests. In practice the percentage is much higher. The remainder is sourced from forests which have an equally high standard of care as demanded by the Forestry Commission under the UK Woodland assurance Scheme.

The full text of the Company's Guiding Principles for the environment is also available.